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So, I’m working for this travel company, World Ventures.

What’s the product?

Travel Memberships! It’s kinda like travelocity or expedia except cheaper. They have $69 cruises EVERY MONTH. They have amazing deals on so many vacations all over the world.

You can purchase a membership and…

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Crime scene photos from the death of Travis Alexander, killed by Jodi Arias.

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Text 18 May 36 notes Can you imagine instead of the death penalty, every convicted felon sentenced would die the way they killed their victims
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Snowtown (2011)

Wow. What a film. Very disturbing. Based on the true story of Australian serial killer John Bunting. Slow moving and a bit hard to watch at times, but it just gives this overall uncomfortable feeling and fascination that will keep you from looking away. It’s something else.

Photo 16 Nov 3,300 notes Ted Bundy after execution Jan. 24 1989

Ted Bundy after execution Jan. 24 1989

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